Physiotherapy Treatment performed at Kathy Greathead Physiotherapy in Cape Town



  • Headaches

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Sports related injuries (trauma and overuse)

  • Trapped Nerve / disc problems

  • Sprained joints

  • Sprained muscles/ tendons

  • Stress related pain

  • Posture related pain

  • Pre and Post Orthopaedic surgery treatment and rehab

  • Treatment of Sinusitis

  • Treatment of lungs (Bronchitis, Pneumonia, COPD)

Back and Neck Pain

So how can we treat back and neck pain?

  • Massage and myofascial release

  • Gentle mobilisation of the joints which are affected

  • Neural mobilisation

  • Dry needling

  • TENS and heat therapy

  • Strapping

  • Exercise prescription

Lung Treatment

Lung Physiotherapy: 

Children and adults with lung problems (bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD)

What a patient can expect from a treatment session:

  • Auscultation (listening to the lungs with a stethoscope)

  • Nebulisation 

  • Percussions: a ‘patting’ technique used by physiotherapists to promote loosening and movement of phlegm in the lung areas.

  • Deep breathing exercises to increase movement of air in the lungs

  • Positions to promote drainage of lung areas

  • Sputum collection if requested by the doctor

  • Suctioning (children <2 years old) and sputum collection in children where necessary

Sinus Treatment

Acute and chronic Sinusitis:

What can be expected from a treatment session:

  • Nebulisation with saline

  • Dry needling 

  • Ultrasound

  • Pressure points


Knee Pain

How can we treat knee pain?


Knee pain occurs in a large number of people during their lifetime. There are many different causes of knee pain and they can be linked both to active people and those who are less active. The important thing to establish is the cause of the problem as well as other joints that may play a role. This is necessary in order for you to return to your normal daily activities without pain or limitations. 

Causes of knee pain :

  • Ligament injuries (sports related or traumatic) 

  • Meniscal injuries 

  • Muscle imbalances 

  • Repetitive exercise like running without adequate muscle strength and conditioning 

  • Patella maltracking

  • Baker's cyst

  • Neural strain

  • Bursitis

  • Osgood Schlater

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

  • Gout

  • Referred pain

When visiting the physiotherapist, it is important to relay information about your injury such as when and how it started as well as how the pain or symptoms change during the day and night. 


Treatment of knee pain : of course it depends on the cause of the symptoms but it can include the following :

  • Massage 

  • Joint mobilisation 

  • Pain relief 

  • Strapping 

  • Restoring normal movement through exercises 

  • Strengthening surrounding muscles 

  • Adapting or changing your gait or other contributing factors such as shoes

Pilates and Rehab

Pilates and Rehab Classes:

Originally Known as the "Art of Contrology". Pilates is a type of exercise based on movement control and alignment and anyone who has tried it can attest to its benefits! Though it may be challenging at first, our patients can testify to the improvement Pilates has made to their previously sore backs and Necks!